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Beam stabilization in FSOC

Optical Switching

2-D laser scanning


SeaLite Engineering is a 16 year-old company founded to develop optical devices for use in oceanography. With this background three years ago SeaLite diversified by applying its optical technology to the telecommunications industry. It is the creator of Stress-Optics(TM), a patented innovative means of refractive steering and shaping optical beams that uses the influence of stress upon the index of refraction of ordinary optical glasses.

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Stress-Optics(TM) is a solid-state, high speed and very precise technology for scanning, switching, tracking, pointing and shaping optical beams.

Two-dimensional, high speed laser scanning, Optical switching for planar light circuit, the pointing and shaping of lasers in Free Space Optical Communications (FSOC) and directed energy are some of the immediate applications of this technology.

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