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Beam stabilization in FSOC

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Prototype Technical Description
SeaLite Engineering's patented Stress-Optics(TM) active optics Refractor is intergrated with Photon Vision Systems (PVS) patented Active Column Sensor(TM) CMOS Imager. Microradian beam movement and shape is tracked by the PVS imager, whose digital output is fed to the steerer's voltage controller and thence to the films on the refractor. Both beam steering and collimation is addressed by this unique system. The system is simple, fast, solid-state, precise and inexpensive.

Development Time-Line
The system will be assembled at SeaLite Engineering's 100 meter test range at Cataumet Massachusetts. Soon the full system will be ready for prototype demonstration to customers. The S-O beam steering and shaping component is avaliable now for demonstration using manual or computer simulated input to the refractor.

The low cost, high speed and high accuracy of the SeaLite/PVS system fills a critical need in point-to point free space optical communications (FSOC) not now addressed by any other technology or system. The initial market segment targeted for this system is to small and medium size businesses in metro-access FSOC.

Beam specifications
Availabilty: System available in 2002. Contact us for a demonstration on SeaLite's 100 meter test range of beam control using computer-simulated camera input.

SeaLite Enginering's 100 meter Test Range
SeaLite Engineering has been operating its 100-meter optical test range for over a year. It is used to categorize "optical weather" and to test optical components, such as those used in beam stabilization in FSOC. The range is located in an environment similar to that of an actual FSOC site.
Optical Transmitter/Receiver
Bench set up
Return Beam from Mirror
Return beam

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